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Surgery designed to reduce the size of large breasts (Mammary Hypertrophy).

The reasons that lead a woman to seek this surgery range from psychological symptoms to physical ailments.

  • Aesthetic body discomfort and low self-esteem.
  • Difficulty getting the right size clothes and brassieres.
  • Body disproportion between thorax and hips.
  • Chronic back, neck and shoulder pain.
  • Molestias for the performance of some physical activities
  • Intertrigo or irritated skin under the breasts.

If you want to have a Breast Reduction you must take into account some aspects of importance

The selection of your doctor is of vital importance, the most recommendable thing is that he really be an expert and have the necessary certifications to perform the surgery, and not only that but this will give him greater criteria for the management of complications in case they arise. Your doctor should make a thorough medical history that includes laboratory tests, images such as ultrasonogram or mammography depending on your case and take your photographic record, to compare the results with the initial state.

If you have the habit of smoking it is advisable to quit for a while before deciding to perform surgery. Cigarettes cause a decrease in the caliber of the blood vessels and therefore less nutrition of the treated tissues. In the smoker patient there may be complications of scarring greater likelihood of infections and tissue necrosis. In conclusion my recommendation is not to smoke in any way for a minimum period of two to three weeks before surgery.

The procedure will always be done on an outpatient basis in a hospital that meets all conditions of safety and sterility, the usual surgical time is 3 hours and the anesthesia of our preference is general.

The scars for this surgery are known as the inverted "T" or anchor scar, if you take care of the scars according to all the care we will give you, they will go unnoticed with time.